Good on Isagenix Health Natural Products

Isagenix health natural products are FEEL GOOD products because they stimulate healthy brain function. When people feel better this great energy and motivation comes from optimal brain activity.

The renowned author and health specialist, Dr. John Gray, discusses how the Isagenix products work. He says “When men begin taking in the nutrients (of the health natural products of Isagenix) they need for optimal brain chemistry, symptoms of increased dopamine immediately begin to occur. They begin to have more interest in their home life, their romantic partner and in doing and enjoying the little things in life rather than focusing only on the big things or the most challenging things.” And “one of the common experiences women have is feeling overwhelmed and stressed with too much to do and not enough time. This is a symptom of low seratonin levels in the brain.

Seratonin is the neurotransmitter that generates the feeling of optimism, comfort and contentment. When seratonin levels drop women often feel depressed or experience nagging food cravings.” John continues and says “This same feeling translates into relationships feeling dissatisfied and wanting more. By raising seratonin levels, women immediately have so much more to give.” This analysis of Dr. Grays is quite remarkable, connecting nutrients to brain chemistry and then relationships.

Our modern day western diet is often devoid of essential nutrients, it does not have the nutrients for optimal brain chemistry, thus creating stress on the body and making it harder to ‘feel good.’ For one thing because of our poor soils resulting from the fact that our minerals are destabilized when they are sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals, it means that most of us are nutrient starved. We do not have the essential nutrients we need to feel health and vibrant.

Now when we do get the proper nutrients and begin to feel good, the law of attraction responds by giving us more good things. And likewise, when we are feeling bad, the universe responds by giving us more things to feel bad about. And so, the Isagenix health natural products are exceptional in changing the emotional vibration of people. Knowing about vibration is the key to a very happy life. High positive emotional vibration combined with exceptional quality foods is a winning combination for a delicious life.

What I have noticed is that, if a person has “hung out” in feelings of depression for a long time, and they are practiced in this vibration, when they begin to take the Isagenix products, it can take some getting used to, to be feeling this good. A person literally has to keep up with this new “feeling good” or they may stop taking the Isagenix health natural products because they are not used to these high positive feelings. It can take some time to shift ones emotional vibration. When we are not nourished well, it becomes harder to maintain a high positive vibration. And when we are nourished with these amazing health natural products of Isagenix, then, life literally can become easier, less stressed, more fun and enjoyable.

I guess it could be said that the Isagenix health natural products are helping to change the vibrational energy of this planet. It is wonderful to live in a time when this leading edge nutritional technology is available. It is a wonderful time to be alive.

We can thank Mr. John Anderson for his work in creating these health natural products. He is the genius behind the creation of them and is lovingly called “the mineral man.” As well, Jim and Kathy Coover are the genius business leaders behind Isagenix International.