Increase Your Bone Health Naturally

Susan was very depressed to learn that her bone density test revealed she had Osteopenia. She had no idea that you could increase your bone health naturally.

She was afraid to take the heavily promoted bone drugs because of their horrible side effects, so she felt totally helpless. Fortunately, I was able to share with her some of the secrets for increasing bone density without drugs.

We talked about some of the side effects of continuing her haphazard way of thinking about food. Before long she might be facing other severe problems.

Susan knew her cigarettes were dangerous for her lungs, but she had never before heard that smoking is also bad for your bones, I shared with her that smoking uses up vitamin C. And vitamin C is absolutely necessary for us to absorb calcium into our bones. So until she could quit smoking (which she planned to do) she decided to up her vitamin C intake with supplements.

The next step in her healthy lifestyle change was to plan how she could get more fruits and fresh vegetables into her daily eating plan. She decided to take fresh fruit to work for snacks instead of the readily available donuts in the break room. She didn’t realize that any sugary food prevents the absorption of calcium in the digestion process.

When she got home from work, she said she was too tired to spend a lot of time cleaning fresh veggies, so we decided she could do the next best thing which is using frozen veggies. Sometimes the frozen ones may be even better than the fresh, if the “fresh” ones have been too long on the way to market.