Isagenix Health Natural Products

Dr. Norm Burba has been working over 32 years as a Naturopathic physician

In his lecture Dr. Burba was speaking about the Isagenix health natural products. He mentioned that if he had one product he would recommend the highest, it would be the Isagenix IsaLean shake. This product provides us with the building blocks that keep us young. Every cell in body is replaced and all cells are made from protein. The quality of the protein is essential. Most people have cereal and toast for breakfast and this is high carbohydrates.

Rice and beans does not do it for protein. You would have to eat 10 lbs of these in order to equal the IsaLean protein shake.

He mentioned that you cannot analyze something by looking at a label. YOU have to try it. The IsaLean shake is next to none in quality. Also the Isagenix IsaPro is superior. He never says something is the best unless it is. The IsaLean shake is superior. Aging will be reduced. You will feel better and happier.

Athletes and mothers need more protein than other people. IsaLean shakes are crucial.

People that exercise or live in a polluted city need the Isagenix anti-oxidants, vitamins, Omega 3,6,9.. Because of the stress today we need exceptional nutrition. Sticking to the Isagenix program will support your body. He asked “Are you wanting to change your life?” If so, then this nutrition will do that for you. ( A person has to want to change.). It has the nourishment, the cleansing, the anti-oxidants, the vitamins etc.

Interesting, he adds goats milk with his shake and he says, if you add fruit like banana it can be too much sugar.

You have to have protein, small amount of carbohydrates, and fat. IsaLean shakes are formulated for a perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

He recommends that we not go for long periods without eating, it is hard on the adrenals.

A large person needs more nutrition than does a short person.

An athlete needs more nutrition than other people. They will need to eat more than the regular Isagenix system may recommend. The Isalean bars are excellent in addition to the other health natural products of Isagenix.

He recommends people cheat one day a week before a cleanse, it tricks the body. Have an extra bar or two.

He discussed anti-biotics and why they do not work to support our immune system.

Many fruits have been genetically mutated and sweetened. Yeast in body can have symptoms like rash, depression, anxiety, fatigue, fibermyalgia, joint problems, sinus problems, ear problems, colds etc. He is not a proponent of soy… is high in estrogen………it deletes minerals from your system……….it is not good for you. The health of children has plummeted since soy came on the market. Soy was not made for human consumption. Soy is great for holding down a population explosion.

Isagenix is delicious nutrition

Air, water, minerals and protein are what we need to live.

These health symptoms are signs that a person is no longer healthy, joint problems, diabetes, depression, are signs of non-health and high blood pressure.

Dr. Burba’s lecture was very enlightening. Because I know how this nutrition feels in my body, I am always wanting to hear from experts why it is so superior in every way from a scientific perspective. I appreciate Dr. Burba’s comments about the Isagenix health natural products.

Joanie McMahon is President of Investment In Serenity Inc.
She is a teacher/counselor/life coach/psychologist/writer and business woman.