Natural Remedies For Health Care

Take for instance a dog that eats grass when they are outside, have the natural instincts to eat grass when they are sick, because grass juices have a certain healing ability that cures several different ailments in animals, grass is a cure for a dog’s upset stomach and it acts like a natural antacid. I am not saying we need to eat grass to settle an upset stomach as there are other natural remedies for that.

There are many types of food that we can eat to help our bodies stay healthy the holistic way. Things such as grapes, prunes, and leafy vegetable will help your digestive track. Bananas, breads, and seed of any kind will help a person gain weight, where as most dieters already know about grapefruits and certain other types of foods will help lose weight. Refraining from caffeine and using caffeine free products will help relieve stress. Instead of drinking caffeinated teas, drink natural teas instead, this will put pluses in your body instead of minuses. When cooking change from vegetable oil or canola oil to using extra virgin olive oil or regular olive oil, as the vitamins and minerals found in these two oils have many health healing benefits.

Water is one of the largest requirements that out bodies’ need, however, the water which we drink today are so full of toxins and other pollutants that are very bad for our bodies. Boiling water to get rid of parasites and other things does not help. You should drink pure water, such as spring water, or water that has special purifying abilities that take out most of the bad pollutants while it still leaves the good enzymes in the water.

Using holistic health and natural remedies for health care has been around for centuries, only recently scientist have discovered that they really do work. As with all natural cures, remedies, diets or whatever we do it is a good idea to check with a physician before doing anything on your own.