Your Dental Hygienist

When you go to the dentist you see an array of friendly faces. When you first get in the door you will be greeted by the receptionist and then, usually you will go and sit with the dental hygienist. If you are going for a routine cleaning, this is the room you’ll stay in as it is their job to give you that professional clean, the scaling, the debridement and the flossing that leaves you with a fresh, clean mouth.

A dental hygienist is a licensed professional who has to be registered with a governing body. They not only clean the teeth of their clients but they also specialize in the prevention and treatment of oral disease. They are great at screening and offering prevention tips for oral cancers and they can assess conditions and any worries that you have with or about your teeth and gums.

When you go for a cleaning, you may also notice that it is the hygienist who performs the X-rays, gets you ready to see the dentist and also does the first check and charting of your teeth. When you are younger, it is the hygienist who administers the flouride treatments and gives you the little ‘starter’ pack to take home. This usually includes coupons, a toothbrush, floss and other dental goodies.

Dental hygienists have to be well versed in the technological aspect of dentistry, getting your chart and notes on the screen for use by them and the dentist themselves. They lay the groundwork if you will of the whole appointment and can usually answer all of your questions along the way.

For the youngest of patients, the hygienist acts as one of the first teachers your kids will have about their teeth and how to take care of them properly. They can instill proper brushing and flossing techniques and allow your kids to ask questions of them about their overall oral health.

It is hard to think of a dental visit without the dental hygienist as they do so much to improve our smiles and work to keep our mouths healthy. Not just another face in the office, these professionals are a great part of the dental team. If you take their advice to heart, you will find yourself in better oral health which translates into less trips to the dentist and of course, a set of teeth that are doing their job well!